Why buy off-the-plan?

Buying off-the-plan can represent significant financial gains for a buyer and can be an exciting and beneficial venture in your journey to financial freedom.

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Why now is the best time to buy property

Savvy investors understand that property is a long term investment and how to leverage market cycles to their advantage.

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PIA Property Investment Seminar - Weathering the storm in the current market.

Standing room only on Saturday night as Justin presented the first seminar for the year

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Build-to-rent model a ‘win-win’ in challenging conditions

The build-to-rent model is a “win-win” for both property owners and tenants

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PIA presenting at 'Build to Rent' EXPO in Sydney - 19th-20th February

Build to Rent is a successful housing model internationally. As momentum in Australia grows, Build to Rent is on the path to become a major asset class.

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Is the Great Australian dream of 'home' ownership still alive?

The ‘Buy And Rent’ movement Is offering the best of both worlds In the Sydney property market

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