Sydney's swing to apartment living

McCrindle research shows half of Sydney homes will be apartments within a generation.

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6 Reasons to Look Into Apartments for Rent in Sydney

Apartments for rent in Sydney have a lot of benefits to offer and we’ve put together six big reasons to choose apartment living in Sydney. You won't regret it!

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The rise of the hills

Kellyville has proven to be one of the countries’ most sought-after property markets

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Apartment Living is the Future: Why High-rise is the New Dream

The benefits of apartment living is becoming more attractive for buyers

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Aussie FHB's can get a foot hold in Sydney property market

PIA and award winning developer Dyldam, are working together to create affordable living options for First home Buyers.

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Property Person of the Year

Sarkis Nassif, founder and head of the Holdmark Property Group has been named Urban Taskforce’s ‘Property Person of the Year’ for 2017.

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