Settlement FAQs

This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about your property or if you require support, please contact PIA on 02 9192 2800

Yes. Estimated settlement date may change due to unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather affecting site progress, registration of Occupancy Certificate, registration of Strata Plan etc. We will endeavour to obtain the estimated settlement date from vendor, and update you accordingly if/when the estimated settlement changed.
We will provide at least one week notice to you informing you when the site is ready for valuation.
The listed issues on the final inspection report will be checked and clarified by our Quality Assurance (QA) Team. QA will endeavor to ensure the builder clears all defects before tenants move in or before settlement. However, it is dependent on the Vendor's builder arrangement for defect repairs. A separate report can be sent to you, advising the completion of the defects.
Provided that you report the issue within 3 months of settlement, and it is deemed a defect, the builder is obligated to repair. Please report any issues that happen after settlement to our Quality Assurance (QA) Team via email, preferably with photos. They will report the defects to the builder and follow up on your behalf assisting you with organizing the repair.
For owner occupied units, immediately following settlement, we will require an Order on Agent/ Settlement Notice from your (purchaser's) solicitor so that we have authority to release the settlement pack to you. For investment units, you do not need to do anything as the settlement pack will be handed over to our Property Management Department, so that your investment unit can still be accessible in case of any urgent issues.
Interest is earned on your 10% deposit and held within a trust account. You are entitled to collect this interest after settlement takes place. Your PIA sales consultant will collect your interest cheque and deliver to you after the settlement take place.

Landlord FAQs

As a landlord, you can only charge water usage if the water meter is individually metered. That is the law because we cannot calculate the individual usage for the tenants.
Landlord insurance covers you for tenant-related risks including loss of rental income and loss or damage to your contents and building by the tenant. The bond may not fully cover all of tenant related damage costs In addition, it protects those furnishings you often forget, like curtains, carpets, blinds and light fittings. It also serves to protect you from public liability in case someone decides to take civil action against you.
When something is not functioning as it is supposed to. Excluding cosmetic issues such as scratches in the wall.
Neither landlord insurance nor building insurance will cover a defective item. It will be solely the developer’s responsibility to rectify the defect under the coverage period, providing it is identified as a defect.
Your property is an investment, and the rental rates secured are in part based on the fittings and fixtures of your property. Therefore, it is your responsibility to upkeep and maintain your investment accordingly. If there is no evidence that the repair was caused by the tenant’s misuse or neglect, then we cannot hold the tenant accountable for repairs. To maintain the property’s value and ensure that repairs do not worsen, we suggest landlords act immediately.
Strata levies is based on the budgeting each year during the Strata Annual General Meeting (AGM) which decided by all landlords in attendance. PIA recommends that landlords attend the meetings in order to have better understanding of yearly budgeting. PIA do not provide any opinion on the AGM, even if we are a proxy for the landlord, as we are not the landlords in our own right. A special levy usually occurs when there is something urgent to be rectified on the common property of the complex, where an existing sinking fund of the strata plan is not able to cover all of the costs. All landlords are required to contribute to this special levy by the strata management corporation.

Rental Tenant FAQs

According to the Residential Tenancy act, the landlord can request the rent to be paid 2 weeks in advance prior to lease commencement. It is also the tenant’s ongoing responsibility to ensure that their rent is paid in advance.
Occasionally a strata issue or repair will occur. The landlord will also wish to have repairs undertaken quickly as it will affects his/her property. However strata issues are beyond an individual landlord’s control. The Strata Management Corporation will undertake these repairs and advise the landlord of timing. Unless it is an emergency, Strata Management will not allow any other contractors to conduct the repairs without their approval. Your Property Management Agent will follow up with all parties accordingly.
Landlord’s insurance covers the appliances, fixtures and fittings, that are supplied with the property (ie oven, dishwasher, blinds). Their insurance does not cover your own personal contents and appliances. To protect and safeguard your own personal items, a tenant should take out their own contents insurance to cover their personal belongings.
It is solely tenant's responsibility for all utilities connection. The landlord has no obligation to provide such service, only to ensure that the device is connectable according to the Residential Tenancies act.
You only need to pay for water usage if a property is individually metered, for example a house or townhouse. If you are required to pay for water usage, you will deposit into the same account you pay your rent in.
Tenants who wish to personalise their space through hanging pictures or hooks can do so, however you must return the property in a similar condition as when you first rented the property. Otherwise you will be charged for the repairs. We suggest you use 3M or Command brand damage-free adhesive hooks if you wish to hang anything.
According to your strata scheme, visitor parking only applies to visitors to this complex. Strata by-laws will state that the resident, including landlord or tenant, are not permitted to permanently park in the visitor parking.

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