Property Perspective, PIA interview with The CEO Magazine
The CEO Magazine     Published on  14/11/16

The CEO Magazine is a monthly business magazine for CEOs and executives around the world.

Each month, this publication features an iconic Executive Interviews section, profiling some of the world’s most accomplished leaders and CEOs. Notable executives The CEO Magazine has featured include: Gina Rinehart, Arianna Huffington, John Howard, and Richard Branson.

In the December issue, Justin Wang shares centre stage with esteemed Executives and CEOs from some of the most successful companies and CEO’s from around the world. Executives from creative agencies and recruitment institutions, through to hoteliers, supply chain and car manufacturers.

Justin spent time with the CEO Magazine team sharing his remarkable journey from school teacher and sales consultant, to property and real estate innovator.  Justin’s contribution to the property industry is in aligning supply and demand in a transparent and mutually beneficial way.  Justin Wang’s company, PIA, work with leading Australian development partners, and his investor clients, via his property investment platform, have delivered a staggering $1.6bn in Australian property investment sales in FY16 alone.

“Our value proposition is simple,” says Justin, “we deliver an end to end service to our developer clients and our investor clients, which streamlines the property investment process. This is underpinned by a free-market approach – where price is determined by the forces of supply and demand – finding its own harmonious balance without too much interference”. 

“PIA are the vehicle to bring together these opposing sides of the market – providing client advice, guidance and support. We build enduring relationships and we are a sales and marketing expert in our field.  Essentially, we provide all of the building blocks for success – the means to achieving prosperity through property”.

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About the Property Investors Alliance

Established in 2005, By Justin Wang, The Property Investors Alliance is one of Australia’s leading property investment and supply platforms.

The company brings together over 7000 ‘investment ready’ purchasers together with leading Australian developers who supply high quality residential stock for purchase.

Through its unique vertically integrated model, the company also provides its investors with property and rental management services, mortgage broking, quality assurance and settlements services.

The company generated $1.6 billion worth of sales in FY 2016 and represents over 7,000 clients.

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