PIA Supports learning from Asian City Developments
The Urban Taskforce     Published on  28/11/16

This century has been dubbed the ‘Asian Century’ by The Australian Government as we continue to strengthen ties between our nearest neighbours.  PIA are recognised as a property leader in key Global City, Sydney. We embrace the importance of networking with important global cities in order to observe trends and patterns in the property market in terms of relationships, planning, design and liveability.

In the December edition of Urban Ideas, published by The Urban Taskforce, PIA were invited to sponsor key research on Asian city learnings and the resulting publication. Professor Richard Hu, of Canberra University and an expert in Global Cities, was commissioned to prepare a research paper specifically on key Global Cities Singapore, Shanghai and Sydney. 

This publication explores the various rankings associated with global cities, and what defines a global city: including population size, liveability, financial centres and business centres. The outcomes of the research indicate that there are many positive learnings to be had from cities such as Shanghai and Singapore, particularly in terms of how they manage the planning process in relation to location, density and infrastructure to support population growth. We are beginning to see the application of these ideas across the Sydney market.

Booming population, economic growth and migration from rural/country side to city to reside creates social and economic challenges – one that is within Sydney’s future.  By observing and creating further dialogue with our counterparts we will harness learnings accordingly, reinvent Sydney and deliver the global city of tomorrow.

Whilst Sydney is certainly not the largest global city, based on population size, it routinely scores within the top 10 most liveable cities. These days people prefer to work and recreate where they live.  Infrastructure investment is being oriented towards ensuring the connectedness of Sydney. Thereby providing a strong economic advantage. PIA work strategically with developer partners to ensure that our developments are located in high demand areas and key growth corridors, with surrounding infrastructure, investment and recreational opportunities.

PIA are proud to be a sponsor of key Urban Taskforce industry research

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